What Are Bi Fold Patio Doors

New to bi-folding doors? Have you ever wanted to know what they are? Bi folding doors are a popular choice amongst many home owners and are one of the leading doors which are installed within many homes across the UK. But what are they actually? The following is a guide to what bi-folding doors are and how they are beneficial for your needs.

What Are Bi-Folding Doors?

Bi-folding doors are a series of door panels that are attached together using quality hardware. These doors have the ability to allow you to open each panel one at a time in a sliding or accordion movement against each other. These doors can promote a wider opening and can improve the space within most homes.

The sizes of the doors and the panels change depending on the width of the overall door space. You can purchase double panel doors or doors which hold 10 panels that spans up to 8 meters depending on your living space. These types of doors are generally used in both indoor and outdoor areas, and are made using weatherproof properties, thermal efficiency properties, and water resistant properties. External bi-folding doors are generally more exposed to changes in weather and therefore must be weatherproof to last the distance when exposed to large changes in UK weather.

Internal bi-folds are also available but don’t necessarily need to be weather proof unless they’re used in high water traffic areas like a bathroom. These doors are generally placed on a track that allows for easy sliding for the opening of the doors. They also have locking mechanisms to help secure the home with ease.


Bi-folding doors can be installed in many different areas including the patio, bathroom, around the pool and more. Whether you have an internal or external need for a new door, bi-folding doors are a great option for all your needs. Not only are they now available in multiple different colours, but they can provide a user friendly design that will compliment any home with ease. So have you found the right bi-fold door for your home?


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