Types Of Bathroom Mirrors Available For Your Bathroom

In need of a new bathroom mirror? Not sure which one to choose? Bathroom mirrors come available in a number of different types to choose from which can really bring out the best of your bathroom when installed. When choosing a bathroom mirror it’s important to know the different types available so you can make a more informed decision about the type you end up choosing. The following is a guide on the types of bathroom mirrors available.

Types Of Bathroom Mirrors

Frameless Mirrors – Frameless mirrors don’t have a frame and are simple and effective when installed. They come available in a few different types with some featuring round or square corners.

Framed Mirror – Framed mirrors generally have a strong frame around the outside of the mirror. These mirrors are great for adding strong bold lines within any bathroom. They offer a clean and contemporary look and are available in multiple sizes.

Venetian Mirrors – Venetian mirrors are very decorative mirrors which have etched surface designs on the frame. They offer elaborate carvings and can create a very decorative appearance for any home.

Medicine Cabinet Mirrors – Medicine cabinet mirrors are capable of providing a user friendly and sleek finish when installed. Medicine cabinet mirrors are capable of providing optimal space to fit all your bathroom items and medicine in while still doubling as a mirror. They’re great if you need additional space in the bathroom.


Buying a mirror doesn’t have to be hard, by knowing the different types available with vado bathrooms you can make the right decisions for your needs. So which mirror type did you choose?

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