Perfecting Your Golf Skills Through Virtual Gaming!

Money can buy you anything in the world. Just not happiness. Usually, golfing is regarded as an expensive undertaking that is a fan favourite with the crème de la crème of our society. Recently, advancements in the field of technology have sought to bring this age-old belief to an end. Virtual online game is now a thing. As such, most of the costs associated with golfing have been drastically mimimized. Today, you can get to enjoy playing virtual golf game at driving range surrey!

In fact, you can even perfect your skills on the driving range while warming up for the main game. Ease your muscles and mind into the golfing mood by first having some warm up to avoid poor performances on the course (especially if your dumb friends are watching just to make fun of you). With virtual golfing, you will see how to calculate your distances to minimize the chances of losing on the field. Sounds swell doesn’t it? Well, it is! If you are a golfing enthusiast, you’ll surely enjoy the amazing facilities on offer. The digitally crafted golf simulators will help you pull out that swing with utmost precision!

Incredibly, there’s no need to worry about the money or the probability of failing to secure a spot on the real course. Whether you are a newbie or a professional golfer, experiencing the simulator version of golf games is one heck of an unforgettable and refreshing experience!

3 Tips on How to Choose a Bookkeeper

Whether your business is small and just getting started, or your employing hundreds to thousands of people, you want to choose a business plan and payroll management solution with thoughtful consideration. Here are some important factors to bear in mind when outsourcing your payroll, bookkeeping, and budgets and cash flow.

  1. Does the Company Have Accreditation?

Is the company you’re considering accredited in reputable bookkeeping and payroll management software? Becoming accredited with systems like Xero and Sage involves rigorous and comprehensive training so the team can be prepared to handle your books with ease, confidence, and care.

  1. What are Your Payroll Needs?

When looking for a solution for your payroll, think about what your needs are. Do you need a company that organises BACS payments? Are they and you equipped for electronic pay slips? A reputable company such as Amr bookkeeping and payroll Kent would even be able to manage end of year P60s and RTI Returns.

  1. Do They Provide Training?

Let’s say you want to bring your bookkeeping and payroll management back in house. Does the company you’re considering offer training on using the bookkeeping and payroll management software? How often are they available for telephone support?

Among many other points, it’s important to have full trust and confidence in the team that manages your books and payroll. Whether you have eight employees, or 8,000, skimping on your bookkeeping and payroll services could end up costing your company quite a lot in the end.

How Are Accountancy Firms Structured?

You might have wondered before how your accountant Kent, or elsewhere, was situated within their accountancy firm. Or perhaps you are considering a career in accountancy and wonder where you will fit in in a large firm. While generally speaking, each firm differs in their individual structure, most do follow a simple organisational scheme:

  1. Departments

Large finance and accountancy firms generally handle several different services, such as tax accountancy,auditing services, and investment advisory services. As such, depending on the size of the firm, it will most likely be divided into departments that handle differing aspects of the financial services. Of these departments, some do and must communicate frequently with each other, depending on the context or the cases that are being worked on.

  1. Hierarchy

Within each department you will find associates. These associates are often the first port of call for clients and they may be new associates who have just finished their Bachelors training or they may have been with the firm for a year or two. Overseeing the associates, you will find senior accountants and managers, followed by firm partners: somewhat like the internal structure of a legal firm.

  1. Corporate Structure

In addition to the above structuring considerations, accountancy firms may also be structured or organised as; a sole proprietorship, a public company or as a partnership. That is, they could be the venture of a single accountant entrepreneur or a partnership, or be a public or governmental organisation. Again, much like the corporate classification or organisation of legal firms.




Plane Spotting at London Gatwick Airport – British Airways Boeing 777 Virgin Atlantic 747 [1080p HD]

To get to the closest parking to the Gatwick airport, check out Tudor Rose Parking TripAdvisor.

Renovating Your Birmingham Home

There are many reasons why renovating your home is beneficial. Freshening up your house not only makes it feel more comfortable for those living in it, a home improvement will also make it more attractive to visitors and increase the value of the property. Without routine home maintenance, the value of your property can significantly decrease, your living quarters will be less comfortable and you will likely experience problems with a variety of ageing features.

DIY or Professional

If you have the time and some experience, roll up your sleeves and try out some DIY renovations. There are many tutorials online and with some effort it can be enjoyable and satisfying to improve your home with your own hands and ideas. If DIY is not for you then it is best to hire a professional to carry out the work you need doing with a higher quality finish.


Building materials and roofing supplies Birmingham stores are readily available across the area or even online. Any supplies, tools or materials that you should need to complete your renovation will most likely be available to purchase or order. If you are on a budget then you can try recycling and fixing up old furniture, or using second-hand products to improve different areas of your home.

Create a List

Try creating a list of the most important parts of your home that need taking care of, renovated or maintained. Starting with the areas that are the most in need, and every time you have the cash or time you can slowly tick off the list and improve your property one part at a time.

What You Should Do When Buying Bifolding Doors

Buying bifolding doors is a big decision for anyone looking to improve their home. However, you shouldn’t just walk into a store and buy the first bifolds you see on display. Instead there’s a procedure you should consider to help you make the best decision for your home needs. Here are the dos of buying bifold patio doors Surrey that you can use when purchasing your doors.

Bifold Buying Guide 101.

  • View The Doors In Person – When buying bifolds it’s a good idea to view the doors before you buy them. Seeing the doors in person allows you to know exactly what you’ll be getting so you know whether they match well with your vision or dream. This will also avoid disappointment if the doors aren’t right.
  • Weather Guarantees – It’s also a good idea to ask about any weather guarantee that the doors have in place. Some manufacturers can offer a weather guarantee on most weather conditions. It’s important to get one that has a weather guarantee on the type of weather you generally have at your place.
  • Insurance Backed Guarantee – Another thing to consider is purchasing doors which have an insurance backed guarantee as this will cover the costs of any issues or breakages if the company does have problems in the future.


The purchase of your bifolding doors shouldn’t be taken lightly. By taking the time to shop around and ask the right questions you can get the most from your purchase. Are you purchasing bifolding doors soon?

Top Tips To Save Your Sanity While Renovating

Renovating your home can be a big thing that really can test the limits of some people. While the end result is well worth the wait, it’s important to understand that you must also be patient and look after yourself as well. For those who are completing the art of living renovation, the following are the top tips to save your sanity while renovating.

Renovation Tips To Help Save Your Mind

Have A Clear Plan – When renovating it’s important to have a clear plan of what you want to see happen. Always expect bumps in the road along the way and have a backup plan if something doesn’t quite work out quite right. Setting a clear plan will help you overcome the obstacles of renovating.

Take Before Photos – Taking photos of your home before and throughout the process will help you feel motivated and stay on track. By seeing the end result you can really make the most out of your renovation without feeling as if you’re going insane.

During Downtime Stay Busy – If there’s a wait between when one trade leaves and another comes in, it’s important to try and stay busy. If you have to clean the area, re-go over your design, or do something else constructive. This will help to keep your sanity while renovating.


When it comes to renovating, it can be challenging mentally and physically. My taking your time to really push yourself and plan you can make the time go faster.

Top Reasons Why You Should Have Your Vehicle Serviced Regularly

Your vehicle is an important part of your life, without it, it would be very difficult to get from point A to point B. Although from time to time your vehicle can become slowe, sound a little under the weather and may lack in overall performance. This is when a vehicle service should be done, but unfortunately many people don’t take their car for a service. The following are the top reasons why you should have your vehicle serviced regularly.

  • Avoid engine failure or costly engine repairs which can really affect your car’s service.
  • Your vehicle will become more fuel efficient and thus will have better performance overall.
  • It can increase the overall life of your engine for the better which promotes a longer lasting vehicle.
  • You can avoid constant breakdowns which may be very stressful.
  • It promotes optimal brake function overall and the effectiveness of the brakes while driving.
  • It helps to limit unnecessary wear and tear overall.
  • It can help to prevent engine damage.
  • It helps to keep your lights working in great order for night driving.
  • It helps to check and maintain the overall safety and life of your tyres.
  • Extends the life of your suspension and steering.
  • You gain more money back when it comes to selling your vehicle.


When it comes to BMW servicing there are so many great benefits of having your vehicle serviced time and time again. By knowing these benefits, you can really make the most of having a well-functioning vehicle.

Top Must Have Bathroom Accessories

Your bathroom is a place where you can go and relax after a long day of work. When decorating your bathroom, it’s important to make it feel like home so you can relax at all times. For those who are on a decorating spree, the following guide will give you the top must have bathroom accessories which you can incorporate into your fitted bathrooms Surrey.

Must Have’s For Your Bathroom

  • Towel Basket – Towel baskets are not only practical but they’re also inviting within the home as well. They offer a lovely addition to any bathroom and can make your room feel homelier.
  • Soap Dispensers – Soap dispensers are a great way to add a decorative touch to any home. You can purchase multiple different types and colour dispenser to choose from that can complement your bathroom design.
  • Apothecary Jars – These jars are great for holding decorative items or cotton balls to make your bathroom stand out. They can be placed on the vanity to really highlight your bathroom better.
  • Mirror – Choosing a decorative mirror is a great choice for all bathrooms. There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from so why not be creative with your choice.
  • Heated Towel Racks – Heated towel racks are great for the colder months of the year and are perfect for providing comfort when you need to dry yourself.


When it comes to decorating your bathroom, there are many different things to consider to make sure your bathroom is comfortable and as relaxing as possible. So are you going to use any of these must have essentials in your bathroom?


What Are Bi Fold Patio Doors

New to bi-folding doors? Have you ever wanted to know what they are? Bi folding doors are a popular choice amongst many home owners and are one of the leading doors which are installed within many homes across the UK. But what are they actually? The following is a guide to what bi-folding doors are and how they are beneficial for your needs.

What Are Bi-Folding Doors?

Bi-folding doors are a series of door panels that are attached together using quality hardware. These doors have the ability to allow you to open each panel one at a time in a sliding or accordion movement against each other. These doors can promote a wider opening and can improve the space within most homes.

The sizes of the doors and the panels change depending on the width of the overall door space. You can purchase double panel doors or doors which hold 10 panels that spans up to 8 meters depending on your living space. These types of doors are generally used in both indoor and outdoor areas, and are made using weatherproof properties, thermal efficiency properties, and water resistant properties. External bi-folding doors are generally more exposed to changes in weather and therefore must be weatherproof to last the distance when exposed to large changes in UK weather.

Internal bi-folds are also available but don’t necessarily need to be weather proof unless they’re used in high water traffic areas like a bathroom. These doors are generally placed on a track that allows for easy sliding for the opening of the doors. They also have locking mechanisms to help secure the home with ease.


Bi-folding doors can be installed in many different areas including the patio, bathroom, around the pool and more. Whether you have an internal or external need for a new door, bi-folding doors are a great option for all your needs. Not only are they now available in multiple different colours, but they can provide a user friendly design that will compliment any home with ease. So have you found the right bi-fold door for your home?